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NEW 2013 0.3x: GTA SA:MP S0beit mod (Hack) v4.4.2.0 for 0.3x NEW!! 17/02/2013

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SAMP Cheating server: LINK: (click the skip button on the top) Commands&description by: talasbudokaiaf S0beit is a Multi-purpose tool, you can cheat in the normal gta sa (Single player) or in samp (San Andreas MultiPlayer) and it can let you do some cheats like: health/armor refil, weapons ,fly , air brake etc... S0beit 0.3x is here Commands&description by: talasbudokaiaf _____________________________________________________________ Name: GTA San Andreas MultiPlayer Platform: PC Tool/Mod used: S0beit mod v4.4.0.0 for 0.3x Date: March 2013 NOTE: Commands & description by: talasbudokaiaf WARNING!! Do not use this much when you are in an anti-cheat server!!! Download Link (0.3x): Here is a list of some commands: To open the menu for cheats press F11 airbrake: RSHIFT Spider: Numpad 5 BrakeDance: P Weapons: F5 Money:F2 GodMode: Insert Freeze: ² SpeedBost: ALT Vehicle Fly: dot ( . ) Stick: You must do it by yourself (NEW!! Added default key) Commands & description by: talasbudokaiaf Recconect/Rejoin: Secondary Key+X Re-Spawn:Secondary Key+7 Repair Car: 1 Self Destruct: F3 (On Foot you die, In Vehicle: It set the vehicle health to 1) Checkpoint Teleport: Numpad 1 & Numpad 3 While in menu F11: Decrease: Numpad - Increase: Numpad + Enable/Disable a cheat: ENTER How to Install: -Download the file in the official site. -Open mod_sa.v4. -Install it on your GTA San Andreas Directory -Open SA:MP ,Choose an server and play with the S0beit mod WARNING: Before installing this make sure you have not installed some mods that replacing files from the folder data because your GTA SA may crash (and then you cannot play until you delete san andreas from your pc) and you have to install all again! INFO: This file was not uploaded by me and this mod too is not made by me, i just made this video Credits: futnucks (the guy who uploaded the original file) The 2 guys who created this s0beit mod Commands & description by: talasbudokaiaf Well that now you know all for this S0beit mod enjoy playing as much!! NOTE: don't steal my description (username: talasbudokaiaf) Enjoy!!!

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NEW 2013 0.3x: GTA SA:MP S0beit mod (Hack) v4.4.2.0 for 0.3x NEW!! 17/02/2013
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