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CK Zombies NR Cash & Exp Hack

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Visit Me, {Dax} @ {NGA has shutdown. I'm now at SBENNY} This video is kinda long, just because I go through the inventory and such to show you a few weapons that you only get in the NR version. If you wanna skip forward a bit, that's fine, but here is the jist of what you will need to do. Contract Killer: Zombies NR version 3.0.3 (Note - works with 3.1.0 too. Just don't revive Evelyn) Cash & Exp Hack First Load up both GameCIH and CK Zombies Select your best weapons as you will want something that can kill quickly. Go to Survival Mode. Pause the game and open GamCIH, do a "Low Level Analysis" Go back to game and kill "1" Zombie. Pause and open GameCIH again and search "1" (At any point if Evelyn kills a zombies too, count that as well in your search) Go back to the game and kill another zombie Pause and open GameCIH, now search "2" (At first you will see two strings like this -- m_ZombieKilled & m_StaticInstance. You do not want these 2 strings, keep going.) Kill another zombie and search "3" and then "4" By now you should only have 3 strings similar to this -- 0045e0b4, 0045e0b8 & 0045e104 Change all 3 of them to 999,999,999 and let the zombies kill Evelyn. When it ends you will be rewarded with max cash and exp. Enjoy =^_^= GameCIH -

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CK Zombies NR Cash & Exp Hack
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